This page is where I experiment with new technologies & concepts to decide if I want to integrate them into other sections of the website. If you run into any errors, please try using Google Chrome since that is the browser I run the most detailed tests with.

Here are some of the technologies used for this website & the demos:

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AngularJS 1.5 Component

*** This demo was converted from an Angular 'directive' to an Angular 'component'. Components line up with the Angular 2.0 syntax much better which allows for an easier migration to the new version.

AngularJS 2.0

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RESULT: {{vm.statusMessage}}

RESULT: {{vm.statusMessage}}

This is a cheesy example, but click on the "i" in upper right corner of this box for an explanation of why TypeScript has a ton of potential.


The data below is pulled from my Salesforce development environment. Click the 'i' in upper right corner for more info.


RESTful Web Service

The compliments below are retrieved from an external RESTful web service which I built using the ASP.NET Web API framework. The hosted web service is used for native apps which run on Windows Phone & Android devices.

Flamethrower Tank

The tank is still a work in progress - here's a list of some of the tools used to build the tank:

  • TinkerCad - a web-based CAD program for designing parts to be created with 3D printer, very simple to use.
  • App Inventor - a very cool app for quickly building an Android app.
  • Arduino IDE - to write the code for the processor that controls the tank.

Check out my Blog for some photos of the tank so far.

SQL Server

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