Welcome to my website! I decided to set up this website so I'd have a place to try out new web technologies/frameworks, and also to advertise myself a little bit.

I recently got the crazy idea to try out contracting/consulting work, so this website will also become an online portfolio. Please check out the Hire Me! page to get a better idea of the type of work I can help with.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions for content? Click on the Feedback link in the top menu, and let me know!

Latest Updates

Sept 2016 - New VueJS demo with drag & drop functionality!

June 2016 - New blog post: Robotic Tank update

May 2016 - Added an Angular 1.5 Component demo, converted Feedback page to use Angular Material, & added Lodash for expanded utility functions.

April 2016 - New Angular 2.0 demo & TypeScript demo!

March 2016 - New blog post: Arcade cabinet.

September 2015 - Long overdue, but finally put together a Salesforce demo!

August 2015 - Added a new section for newly purchased 3D Printer.